The National Broadband Plan - Plan Broadband Nasional (HSBB )

Since the approval of the National Broadband Plan (NBP)
by the government in October 2004, there has been
many calls for more information regarding the
implementation of the NBP. Quite naturally, the Ministry
of Energy Water and Communications has been well
aware that whilst the first few years have been concentrated on the public sector
whereby information can be easily disseminated within the government
network, the situation has changed somewhat with the bulk of the
implementation now resting within the private sector.
Therefore, I am pleased to note that the National Broadband Plan Secretariat has
now outlined within this booklet the essence of the NBP in a nutshell, which for
the rest of the period of the plan, will concentrate on the private sector. There are
now plans for nationwide roll out of high speed broadband services, wireless as
well as wired/fixed, which together which will form one of the main “pillars” of
the government’s MyICMS 886 strategy.

Whilst Malaysia might still be lagging behind in terms of broadband penetration
rates compared to some of our more advanced Asia Pacific neighbours,
nevertheless, the government, in approving the National Broadband Plan, has
also given approval for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia
Commission to amend where necessary the Universal Services Provision (USP)
Regulations in order the enable USP funds to be used for rolling out broadband
services to narrrow the digital divide. Using this mechanism, it is thus up to our
industry players, regulator, operator, vendor and all other stakeholders alike, to
ensure that the stated objectives and KPIs of the National Broadband Plan shall
be achieved for the benefit of all Malaysians. In the near future, broadband has
to be viewed as a national utility service, no longer a luxury.

YB Dato' Sri Dr.Lim Keng Yaik

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National Plan - pdf



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