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The Secret Photoshop Tutorial

The Secret

Create a wallpaper inspired by the book, �The Secret� by Rhonda Byrne! This wallpaper features a rustic brown paper texture, stains, writings, and a wax seal.

Abstract FX Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Abstract FX Text Effect

Learn how to turn any text into a beautiful text design using layer styles, gradients, and Photoshop brushes. This tutorial is great for novice Photoshop users who want to learn how to easily add style to any text.
Smoke Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

Smoke Portrait

I was so impressed the day I saw this "smoke art" photo effect. I decided to recreate it using Photoshop and ended up with the result shown below. Seems complicated? Keep on reading and you'll be surprised how easy it is to do, thanks to the Smoke Brushes from Photoshop Tutorials.
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Meet The Author

Meet The Author